Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars Screensaver

Lego Star Wars on your PC


  • Nice graphics
  • Good color scheme
  • Lego logo visible


  • Minimal variety of screensaver options to choose from

Very good

Lego Star Wars is a pack of screensavers for Windows PC users.

If you're a huge fan of both Lego and iconic action movies, you're in luck. There are several Lego PC games for a variety of different popular movies.

Lego Star Wars is no exception. This genre goes one step further, however, bringing fans a pack of screensavers that depict Lego blocks and figures made to look like imagery from the popular space movies, Star Wars.

There are a few screensaver options to choose from with Lego Star Wars. Each one offers a nice, crisp graphic depicting something iconic from the Star Wars movies, made with Lego blocks or figurines. Customize how long you want to have the program wait before showing up due to PC inactivity. In each option, the Lego logo is prominently displayed for fans to appreciate.

The only complaint some users might have is the lack of screensaver options. It would've been nice to have had more to choose from.

Lego Star Wars is a fun pack of screensavers that depict scenes from the Star Wars movies with Lego blocks and figurines most any fan will appreciate.

Lego Star Wars


Lego Star Wars Screensaver

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